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Other Specialist areas

Our fully equipped machine shop and a can do attitude means that we can do a lot of work that most garages turn down. While these are only a short list of the kind of jobs that come through our doors on a daily basis, they are a good example of the things that we get involved with.

Engine transplants

Landrover engine conversion

Not only just for a power upgrade, some engine swaps can lead to reliability, fuel efficiency and access to modern service parts. Here's a few that we've done recently.

Landrover 200di engine into Series landrovers. Diesel engines have always been a bit of a weak spot in the 'Series' Land Rovers, so with the 200TDi being a very strong, durable engine, and with good availability from MOT failure Discoveries, this makes for an ideal conversion that we've done numerous times.

Ford CVH to Zetec conversion The 2 litre 16 valve Mondeo zetec engine, makes a great and sensible upgrade to any early Escort. More power and torque, decent MPG and they're cheap and plentiful.

XR3 Zetec conversion

Carb to fuel injection conversions

All engines can be converted from carburettor to fuel injection and we've done plenty, from classic Triumphs and Minis, to VW Beetles. You'll join a world of easy starting, better power and fuel consumption and of course cleaner emissions. Call us to discuss your project.

Distributor to Electronic ignition.

Weather it's a simple electronic module in your distributor or a complete crankshaft driven ignition conversion, we have the expertise. Call us and discuss the best way forward.

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