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Carburettor Setup

Worn out and badly set up carbs waste fuel and perform badly. We can service, repair or rejet most makes including Weber, Dellorto, Holley, SU and Stromberg carbs and we're an official Weber dealer.

Carburettor Setup

Specialist services include modefying and replacing needles on SU and Stromberg carbs, replacing chokes and jets on weber and dellorto carbs and general carb balancing. We carry a large range of jets and spares, and we also stock throttle linkage kits and performance air filters.

As specialists in carburettor setup, we are able to offer a great service as a result of hundreds of varied and critical installations over the years. From jobs as simple as just tweaking the mixture on a single-carb engine, to machining or fabricating a tricky throttle linkage - to even fabricating a custom inlet manifold, we've seen it all over the years! Whether you're looking for that extra couple of horsepower on your trackday weapon, or better road manners for your classic British cruiser, a good carburettor setup is essential.

SU Carburettor Setup

The SU carburettor specialists

Over the years Vesseys have seen and worked on virtually every model of SU ever made. We carry a huge selection of spare parts and needles to service and repair most models.

All engines that have been modified and run single, twin or triple SU carburettor setups will benefit from a rolling road tune to optimise their fueling.

Carburettor Setup

A carburettor setup is usually required when a change has been made to the specification of the engine (ie change of camshaft, etc) which would effect to use of fuel within the engine. Often a small change only necessitates a small tweak, but any time you make a change it is worth getting the carb setup checked out. The price of running it incorrect is much more prohibitive than the cost to get it right! Even when you purchase a brand new carburettor specifically made for your engine, there will always be discrepancies. That is why we offer a package deal to set up your new carburettor if you choose to order your parts through our business. As a Weber dealer, we are able to offer fantastic discounts on new Weber parts, whether it be a simple set of chokes or a full carb conversion kit!

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