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Our Partners

We deal regularly with the following suppliers:

Weber carburettor specialist, weber jetting and setup


As the major name in carburettors, it makes perfect sense for us to be a Weber dealer. We are able to supply, fit, and set up Weber parts, as well as advise you on the right products for you - at a healthy discount!

Webcon - Weber UK


Supplying the highest quality parts to trade only, FSE boast huge stock of high-end fuel parts to suit all applications. We supply and fit any items from FSE, as well as keeping more common parts such as competition fuel pumps and unions on the shelf.

Glencoe FSE

SU carburettor setup and repair


As the main supplier of S.U. Carburettor parts, Burlen supply all of our S.U. service items, as well as setup items such as needles and valves. We keep some stock of these items on the shelf, but can order additional parts usually by next day

Burlen classic vehicle fuel systems

MBE engine management


MBE ECU's are a favourite of ours. The systems are relatively cheap to supply and fit, and can be very quick to set up - reducing labour time and costs, which should keep the customer happy! We recommend MBE and can provide services from simple supply of ECU and plugs, to full assembly of wiring loom and mapping as a package.

MBE Engine management systems

Omex engine management


Omex ECU's are very popular in the national racing scene and the mapping software is very intuitive, reducing the time needed to set up. OMEX also supply throttle body kits and other management-related parts, all of which can be supplied at a healthy discount.

Omex Engine Management

DTA engine management


We often recommend DTA ECU's for car builders who are after a larger range of inputs, or attempting a build away from traditional routes of development. Whilst a tad overkill for many projects, DTA can be used to run more intricate or unusual engines and systems, making it a popular choice with car and engine builders who like to make changes!

DTA Engine Management

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