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Racecar Suspension Setup

Our suspension setups go above and beyond just getting you vehicle's alignment 'within spec' and most of the cars we work on don't come with factory specifications. We'll work with you to configure the best geometry settings that suit your driving style and your car's suspension.

Wheel Alignment

With the correct camber, castor and toe settings for your race car, you'll get improved handling, reduced tire wear, and safer driving and we can build in any desired characteristics to suit your driving style, such as quicker turn in or greater stability. Wheel alignment and corner balancing are critical settings for track and race cars and wheel alignment can vastly improve car handling and performance.

Chassis Work

We will undertake work to repair or straighten crash damaged or corroded chassis. Again, we specialise in Triumph TR chassis', but others can be worked on too. We can also strengthen chassis in accordance with your needs; trackday, racing, etc, or modify to suit new suspension or engine fitments.

Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Corner weight setup

Corner balancing is one of the best things you can do to improve the handling characteristics of any coil over suspension equipped street, track, or race car and is the only way to correctly set up your coil-over suspension accurately.

Racecar Suspension setup

Corner balancing is adjusting the ride heights of a vehicle to equalize the load on all four tires, maximising grip and performance. The same thing can happen with your suspension if it's not adjusted correctly with corner balancing.

Lap Times

It's generally written that sorting your suspension setup can take between half and two seconds off a cars laptime... that's cheap performance.

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