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Engine Dyno

In our specialist engine dyno room, or 'cell' we use a Heenan & Froude GB90 Engine Dyno - capable of 1000bhp and 10000rpm. The Dyno Cell is available for hire. Contact us for details

The Engine Dyno is a fantastic tool for many tasks; from providing a controlled environment for the first-start of an engine, to detailed setup work. We have mounting brackets for many types of engine from littleEngine dyno Twin-cam Suzuki's up to Rover V8's and many in between. Common performance engines such as Vauxhall's Red-top, and 1600cc 16v engines, and Ford Zetec are catered for, as well as Classic Car engine types like Triumph TR2/3/4 and TR5/6, and 6-cylinder Jaguar engines.

Other notable engines which have used our Dyno include Rover A-Series (Mini, Metro, etc), Ford Duratec, Honda K20A, Citroen/Peugeot engines from the TU5 family (Saxo, C2, 106 GTi, etc) and the formidable Metro 6R4 V6.

Most other engines can be fitted providing we are allowed time to prepare brackets, so the list of compatible engines will continue to grow. Please contact us with any queries you may have.

Dyno Cell Hire:

The Dyno Cell is available to hire for engine builders, with deals that include full assistance (mounting of engine, running, and setup work) to simple use of the Cell alone. The Cell is the ideal place for building engine maps on aftermarket management, and setting up Carburettors with much greater access. Adjustments on the engine itself such as advancing the ignition timing (distributor), or altering cam-timing are made much more easily due to the engine being exposed in this way.

Engine dyno

The Cell can also used for the development of new performance parts – allowing a careful and more easily-observed environment to assess engine behaviour without the need to be fitting and removing from the car all of the time. If required, most maintenance/repair operations can be carried out in-situ meaning better value for customers in terms of labour time.

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