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Distributor Setup and Curve Development

Ignition timing is crucial to every engine combination and remember that it's not peak power but average power that accelerates your car. Getting the ignition timing curve is the final piece of the puzzle on a classic modified engine and lets you gain power across the entire rpm range.

Springs and Weights

Ignition timing can be used to improve an engine?s midrange torque, throttle response, fuel mileage, and temperament. Traditional distributors generally use springs, weights to determine an engine's rate of advance.

Carburetor Setup

As the engine accelerates, centrifugal forces attempt to pull the weights from the timing plate. The rate at which the springs let the advance weights move determines the shape and start of the timing curve. Using stronger or weaker springs will bring timing in at a different rpm. For example, two light-tension springs would allow the mechanical timing curve to start at a lower engine speed and bring on the maximum amount of mechanical advance, giving the engine an extremely quick advance curve.

Using our distributor diagnostic machine, we can create an advance curve to suit your engine as well as giving us the opportunity to thoroughly check over your distributor whilst it is working.

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